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Communications & Operations Administrator

JOB SUMMARY:  Pioneer a new, hybrid position that melds (1) general office/administrative support with (2) a move into all things digital for communications to aid in public relations, marketing, story-telling, and worship support.



1.      Performs, updates, and oversees public relations, marketing efforts internally and externally to include email and print publications, ads, news articles, bulletin boards, etc., whether weekly and/or monthly.

2.      Coordinates and administers all web and social media platforms, including but not limited to the church website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3.      Works with staff and church leaders to create consistency in messaging, branding, and advertising, videos and other creative means.

4.      Coordinates the weekly “Proclaim” presentation (worship presentation software) and designs/selects the graphics for each week’s worship, in collaboration with the Director of Music and Worship Arts.

5.      Assists in the creative brainstorming for series, programs, and other ministry events.  Oversees the training and development of any creative team and helps with the empowering of volunteers to serve for these creative programs.




1.      Must possess a high degree of customer service orientation and people skills when interacting with church members and the public when answering the phones, greeting incoming visitors, answering inquiries, referring people to appropriate staff members or outside agencies, and alerting the prayer chain to new prayer requests.

2.      Guides and oversees volunteer outreach as our “First Touch” Guest Services coordinator for both digital and physical follow up with visitors and newcomers.

3.      Prepares and submits (in concert with staff and council leads) the annual Charge Conference, year-end report documentation, official forms and certificates (baptisms, weddings, membership, etc.) and keep records for church files.  Provide membership transfer requests for incoming/outgoing members. Maintains, archives and stores the reports and records of the church’s meetings/minutes and other documents.

4.      Maintain and regularly update attendance and membership records using the Church Windows software.  May provide training to others for their assistance. 

5.      Maintain the church calendar and scheduled use of the building.  Ensures proper forms are completed by all individuals/organizations and that any deposits and fees are received in a timely manner.  Coordinate the return of deposit fees following the event, if appropriate.

6.      Order supplies and keep records of purchases and expenditures.  Keep commonly used forms printed and in stock. Manages budget for office line items.

7.      Renew annual licenses, contracts, subscriptions, memberships for church.

8.      Oversees and controls the printings, publications, promotions, project advancement and all mailing activities.

9.      Responsible for keeping track of and checking out keys and door codes to the building.  Door codes are maintained and changed twice a year per church policy.

10.   Assists with the coordination of requests for financial aid (Good Sam Fund) and other resources available.



1.      Have a committed Christian faith that is anchored in church attendance, a passion for ministry service and reflecting Christian values in daily life which includes that all persons are created in the image of God and are committed to racial justice for all.

2.      Experience and familiarity with digital marketing, web development, and graphics design elements.

3.      Familiarity with general office and technology procedures, either through formal training or equivalent experience.

4.      Previous work experience in an office/business environment preferred.

5.      Computer/technology knowledge required with proficiency in Microsoft Office, or similar applications.  Additional knowledge of “data base” software preferred.

6.      Must possess good organizational skills and good interpersonal skills and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.

7.      Satisfactory completion of a background check and Safe Church dictated trainings.

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